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ATYLA sails the seas providing exciting and challenging experiences specially designed to nurture the development of responsible leaders, encourage individuals to become proactive team players, and create respectful, open-minded members of society. During the summer season ATYLA sails voyages of 1 to 4 weeks operating an innovative Educational Programme.

ATYLA sails the seas providing exciting and challenging experiences specially designed to nurture the development of responsible leaders, encourage individuals to become proactive team players, and create respectful, open-minded members of society. During the summer season ATYLA sails voyages of 1 to 4 weeks operating an innovative Educational Programme.

The Tall Ships Races 2018 - Cruise-in-Company

ATYLA Ship by James M Pilgrim


Esbjerg, Denmark
July 20, 2018


Stavanger, Norway
July 28, 2018

TSR2018 Aboard ATYLA – Book Now and Save £135!

Atyla is a traditional wooden hulled ship, that looks like something straight out of a pirate movie! During July and August Atyla will join the Tall Ships Races 2018. Sail Training International’s largest annual sailing event.

Atyla’s dedicated crew are welcoming, friendly and informal, and they invite you to join them aboard their incredible ship. You get to build your leadership/ teamwork skills in an exciting and fun way- they get to meet all sorts of people from all over the world – it’s an excellent trade-off!

The 2018 races are separated into three parts. The first part - Race 1 - starts off in Sunderland (UK) with the fleet racing east for four days to Esbjerg in Denmark. The second part – the cruise in company - has the fleet cruising north for five days to Stavanger in Norway. The third and final part, Race 2, will see the fleet racing south for five days to Harlingen in The Netherlands.

Most of these voyages are only a few days long; perfect to fit in around any work or study commitments! In fact, the entire race series is less than a month long- why not treat yourself and properly get away from it all?

As always, you don’t need any previous experience to sail and can be of any age or gender. Are you ready to be modern day Viking? Then take up the challenge and book now!

Interested in the Cruise in Company?

The voyage starts in Esbjerg, where you’ll board the ship on the night before you leave the city, meeting the other trainees and bagging your bunk! The next day you will learn the ropes as you leave Esbjerg port and pass the island of Fano, passing thousands of cheering spectators in a spectacular parade of sail.

A cruise in company is different from a race, and Atyla will take a more stately pace as she sails northwards to Stavanger. Enjoy the changing currents and winds, and take your time growing your skills through your watches and joining in with the teamwork and leadership training provided by the on-board coach.

During this time you will make port in some lovely coastal communities. Stops are planned at Hirtshals, Lindesnes, Sirevåg, Tananger, Skudeneshavn and Sandnes. You’ll get some time to explore these charming towns – but you’ll be assigned a ‘port watch’ at some point, a time where you’ll need to stay aboard to act as tour guide for people who want to visit the ship, and talk about your experiences during some deck parties. It’s great fun and a brilliant way to inspire more people to enjoy the amazing sail training experience.

Between each of the planned stops the Atyla will hug the coastlines. First you’ll take in the rolling hills and wide sands of Denmark’s west coast before sailing out of sight of land and sailing north to Norway’s southern coast. Finally, when in Norwegian waters the Atyla plans on navigating the majestic fjords and islets up the coast to Stavanger.

When in Stavanger you may be assigned a port watch at some point, and you’ll also be invited to join in with Stavanger’s crew parade along with the rest of the crew. This is a brilliant thing to do, and we highly recommend you take up the offer. Wear your trainee t-shirt with pride, dress up in the ship’s pirate outfit, or wave an Atyla flag to the crowds!

After the crew parade and port watches, some rest and relaxation is in order! Trainees travelling aboard the Atyla are invited to optional crew only activities, which include a private party organised by the event planners, guided tours of the town and sports! Best of all you’ll get to meet all the other trainees from all the other ships, so you can share your stories and socialise with people from all over the world.

The rest of your time is your own, so you can enjoy all the festivities in the city. There will be lots of special maritime themed stalls and shows to see, as well as the regular attractions of the city – so embrace adventure, explore some fjords and see the beautiful old town while you are in port!

The cruise in company is longer than the races with less high-speed sailing, and you’ll get a chance to explore many new ports and learn about their local customs, culture and history. We think this would be a wonderful experience for those looking to develop their confidence and skills in a unique environment- as there are plenty of opportunities to try new things and see new places on the trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Atyla for this unique Scandinavian adventure and do some proper exploring!

Your Voyage will include...

  • Accommodation with full board (3 meals a day) & Private Bunk.
  • Certificated participation in Atyla’s Educational Programme.
  • Official Atyla T-shirt.
  • Official T-shirt of The Tall Ships Races 2018.
  • Participation in the Parade of Sail with all ships leaving Esbjerg.
  • Participation in the Crew Parade, Crew Party and other activities for-crews-only in Stavanger.
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Getting To and From Esbjerg

Esbjerg Station is the transportation hub for the city. It is the main rail link, and has frequent services to Danish cities of Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. Esbjerg also has a frequent rail connection with Niebüll in Germany. Coaches also run frequently to Esbjerg station from Copenhagen, operated by the Flixbus company.

If you are travelling by car Esbjerg has good road links. If you are travelling from the east, you can get into the city centre via the E20 motorway. If you are travelling from the south, take Route 24 from Ribe.

If you are travelling from further afield you can fly to the city’s airport (Esbjerg Airport). Local bus routes 44, 144 and 409 all connect the airport to the city centre. If you are travelling from the UK, flights to Esbjerg are via Aberdeen airport, so be prepared to make a connection there.

Getting To and From Stavanger

Stavanger is a university city and has good transport links. If you are travelling in by car, Stavanger is on a peninsular and is accessible from the north and south by the E39 motorway. The Norwegian National Railway and the Norwegian National Bus Company also run trains and coaches to Stavanger from all major Norwegian cities, including the capital Oslo.

Stavanger Airport is based in Sola, just to the south-west of the city receives international flights from all around the world. If you are travelling from the UK you can fly to Stavanger from Aberdeen, Manchester, Newcastle, London Gatwick and London Heathrow airports. Stavanger airport is served by Flybussen buses which run a regular shuttle service to central Stavanger for a reasonable price.


Esbjerg has hosted the Tall Ships Races three times before, and always puts on a great festival. The next tall ships race, in 2018, coincides with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the city – so the city is going that extra mile to celebrate and give you a wonderful experience!

As always at a Sail Training international event, the sailors of each ship will parade through the city – with each ship and crew adding their own personal touches to the event! In previous years there have been pirates and mermaids in the truly international crowd! There is also the popular crew party for all participating trainees and permanent crew – so you’ll get to chill out and relax with people from all over the world.

Outside of the official events Esbjerg is the fifth largest city in Denmark – and nestled between rolling hills and sandy beaches. Some of the best attractions in the city are on the seashore- if you love the natural world you can book onto a seal safari, to see the city’s cutest residents! If you’d rather stay on dry land during your visit, you can also see and feed the occupant seals at the sea life centre (attached to the Fisheries and Maritime museum).

If you have a day free, why not take a short boat ride to the island of Fano and soak up even more Danish scenery and culture? Walking through its traditional villages and thatched cottages is like stepping back in time, and it’s a very popular destination with tourists!

If culture is more your thing Esbjerg’s highly rated Fisheries and Maritime museum is in the centre of town. As well as housing seals, the museum showcases the stories of brave past sailors who sailed the North Sea over the centuries. The modernist Music Hall is also a must-see for any opera aficionado – it is home to ‘The New Opera’ company, who perform regularly and are much admired.

As you walk through town you’ll probably notice loads of public art installations and sculptures dotted around the place – the city is home to many artworks, bought and gifted over the years. A diverse collection of artist Henry Heerup's sculptures can be found in ‘Heerup's Garden’ – well worth walking in if you are nearby. Even the city’s buildings are artistic: the minimalist brutalist architecture of Sankt Nikolaj Church is unique, and a real contrast to the Victorian gothic style of the railway station and the water tower.

Esbjerg is a wonderful city that is very welcoming to all sailors, young and old. Whether you visit its attractions, enjoy yourself walking on the golden sands of the beach or sit back and unwind at one of the many harbourside fish restaurants we hope you will enjoy its wonderful hospitality.


Stavanger, on the southern coast of Norway is a real charmer! Well known for its lively, progressive scene and good selection of clubs and restaurants; the city says it’s “better rigged than ever” and excited to host the Tall Ships Races in 2018.

2018 will mark Stavanger’s fourth time hosting a Tall Ships race, and as always at a Sail Training International event, the festivities will be a blast! Stavanger will celebrate its sailing history while the Tall Ships visit- they’ll do this through lots of diverse cultural events, exciting music performances and heritage displays for people of all ages.

The crew parade through the city will be a real highlight (look out for mermaids and pirates in amongst the sailors) – and if you sign up as a trainee you’ll get to attend the exclusive crew party! This party; for all the participating trainees and permanent crew is great fun, with lots of energy – so you’ll get to meet and dance with people from all over the world!

As well as the official events, the city is well worth exploring – and is easy to get around on foot. One of the most famous attractions in Stavanger is the world famous Preikestolen (“the Pulpit Rock”). Preikestolen is located 604 metres above sea level and Lonely Planet named it the number one most breath-taking viewing platform in the world. After climbing the stairs onto the top of the rock you’ll be rewarded with amazing views along the fjords – and of course all the tall ships nestled in Stavanger harbour.

The city centre, Old Stavanger, has over 170 white wooden houses on winding cobbled streets, and is beautiful location to explore slowly. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee, shop in the boutiques and (of course) take those selfies!

If you are looking for a bite to eat or a drink, Stavanger has some excellent restaurants and bars. ‘N.B. Sørensen's Dampskibsexpedition’ is maritime themed and offers an international menu based on fresh Norwegian ingredients – a perfect complement to any tall ships experience!

For drinks, Cardinal Bar has excellent beers and is a charming choice, with stone walls and dark woods evoking the mountains and fjords surrounding the city. Broremann Bar is another excellent choice with expertly mixed cocktails.

If you fancy a bit of culture, the ‘Roots of the Vikings’ exhibitions is excellent and engaging with lots of videos, music, costumes and a fantastic shop. Why not raid the gift shop for a plastic battle-axe and channel your inner Viking?

Moving on (reluctantly) from Vikings, the Norwegian Canning Museum is a surprising must see: with engaging exhibits and lots of information on how Norway has transformed over the years – from the traditional sardine packing days to the modern-day oil boom.

Stavanger is a beautiful city, nestled on its world-famous fjord – and will only look more beautiful when the Tall Ships visit. Book one of our voyages that visit Stavanger today, and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in this truly unique city.

Thinking about sailing aboard ATYLA?

This family owned and run ship is great for people who love working with people from all around the world and enjoy a supportive co-operative training environment where everyone pitches in where needed. The ship prides itself on developing teamwork and leadership in its trainees and would be great if you want to boost your skills!

Atyla is a Spanish vessel, based on sailing ships from the 1800’s. She is made from African iroko wood and is one of the few wooden hulled ships still sailing today. The crew have developed a training programme focused on intercultural communication and teamwork, as a trainee you would be welcomed aboard by an international crew and get to learn about ways of life from across the globe.

In 2014 Atyla took a 20,000 kilometre voyage around the coastline of the European continent. More recently she crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice as part of the RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta, sailing to Quebec and back. In August 2017, she won the RDV2017 Tall Ships Regatta ‘Most International Crew’ prize. The Atyla typically takes up to 24 trainees for larger multi-night voyages.

As a trainee you will get the opportunity to steer at the helm, navigate by the stars, cook in the galley, climb the rigging and maintain the ship. As well as learning to sail, Atyla focuses on bringing individuals from a range of cultures, ages, and social backgrounds to work together at sea - helping you to develop your teamwork and leadership skills in an international group.

Atyla’s galley serves delicious meals three times a day, and dining together is a key part of the trainee experience. You’ll try food from all over the world, and you’ll get to learn some of the recipes when you take your turn cooking in the ship’s galley with the chef! Everyone loves to eat on deck when it’s sunny – so you could eat under a canopy of stars, with the sound of the waves crashing off the bowsprit in your ears.

You would sleep in a cosy bunk, in one of the four cabins. Blankets and duvets are provided and each bunk has a privacy curtain. There are 9 bunks in the main cabin, 5 bunks in the portside middle cabin, 4 bunks in the starboard middle cabin and 6 bunks in the bow cabin. However, if you fancy more of an adventure you can always try a night in a hammock, sleeping like a pirate king!

Atyla is well equipped for day to day living: she is fully heated, she has 5 toilets/ 3 showers aboard and there is a washing machine to launder clothes and towels. She is also fitted with European style 220V plugs and USB chargers for all your devices.

Interested? Book your voyage today!

General Requirements

Minimum Age: 15

The official language on board is English. No sailing experience is required.

Voyage Summary

You will be sailing ATYLA for the voyage "The Tall Ships Races 2018 - Cruise-in-Company".

You will embark on July 20, 2018 in Esbjerg, Denmark and disembark on July 28, 2018 in Stavanger, Norway.

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